Zoie Yanagawa grew up in Southern California and developed his eye for design at any early age. His design influences began from his love of music and passion for old album covers and band tees. He continued to build his aesthetic throughout life from skateboarding, drawing, photography, and his appreciation of well designed furniture and products. 

“I always knew that my career path would channel some kind of artistic endeaver.” He realized this while attending California State University Northridge where he would graduate with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. “I started off at CSUN trying to be an accountant! I ended up getting into a serious car accident one summer and had an epiphany (while in the hospital following the incident). “I realized I was going to die someday and that I’d want to live a life full of creativity”

Since then, he has worked for several non-profit organizations is currently working as a designer at Oregon Screen Impressions (OSI). At OSI, he has designed various types of garments for companies like Adidas, Nike, Timbers, and the Craft Brewery Alliance.